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What is Shaolin Kung-Fu ?

     The term Shaolin Kung-Fu refers to the martial arts originated from a place called Shaolin Temple in China, where monks practiced kung-fu to keep them fit & healthy on their quest for enlightenment and protect them from invasions during wars.

Shaolin Kung-Fu ( in Chinese: 少林功夫 ; pinyin: shao lin gong fu ) is believed to be the earliest institutionalized style of kung-fu and one of the most famous martial arts. It was originated & developed in the Shaolin temple in Songshan mountain, Henan province, China. It has over 1500 years of history & development, became one of the most popular styles of kung-fu with abundant contents, various barehanded and weapon forms. Also, there are many other kung-fu styles in the world today claim to be created or inspired based on Shaolin Kung-Fu as well.     

Shaolin Temple

Historically, kung-fu in China was an integral part in education for scholars and leaders of government. Chinese people placed great value in practice of kung-fu because it's a Holistic Martial Art training with Essence, Energy & Spirit as ONE which taught them disciplines, confidence, respect, patience, humility, morality and connection with nature/universe and everyone. It's excellent for complete overall health, fitness, balance and well-being. There is a reason for every move and every form. We can use kung-fu training to develop our awareness, consciousness & presence as meditation in motion/movement or as practical self-defense use ( absolutely ONLY last resort to use it for self-defense ) . Kung-Fu is a general term which includes hundreds of styles of Chinese martial arts. Each kung-fu style has soft ( Yin ) and hard ( Yang ) techniques. All styles of kung-fu contains both internal and external components as holistic training.

 Pagoda Forest at Shaolin

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