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What is Wushu ?

    Wushu: The Modernisation of Kung-Fu. Wushu ( 武術 ) is both an exhibition and a full-contact sport derived from traditional Chinese Kung-Fu ( martial arts ).  Wushu is the well-spring of all Asian martial practices. Over its long history, Wushu has developed into numerous distinct styles and systems, each incorporating their own techniques, tactics, principles and methods, as well as the use of a wide variety of traditional weaponry. The differing styles that have emerged focus on many aspects of combat, but more importantly they have absorbed the popular philosophies and moral practices of Chinese people & culture over the past 5000 years of development. With that, Wushu has developed into more than just a simple system of attack and defense also has become a way to cultivate the body, mind and spirit in a positive way that is beneficial to all that practice it.

The character "Wu" in wushu is composed of two Chinese characters, namely "Zhi" which means "to stop" and "Ge" which is an ancient weapon of war. With that the essence of the character Wu is indeed to stop conflict and promote peace. The practice of Wushu not only develops a strong and healthy body, but also a strong mind with high moral values, as its practice focuses on "Wu De" or Martial Ethics, also known as Martial Virtue and Kung-Fu Virtue.

Today Wushu has developed into various forms of practice, each with its own focus and goals. Some practices highlight health & well-being as their primary goal, while others stress maintaining the traditional culture and skills from which the arts originated. More recently, Wushu has developed into a global competitive sport, which is practiced and enjoyed by thousands of people worldwide due to its unique and exciting content. Sport Wushu is categorized into two main categories, namely Taolu ( Routines Competition ) and Sanda ( Free-Fighting Competition ).

What is Sanda ( Kickboxing ) ?


Sanda ( Wushu Sanda ), also known as Sanshou ( Wushu Sanshou ) & Chinese Kickboxing, is a Chinese Self-defence system and combat sport. Sanda combines all the combat aspects of Wushu and addresses the ranges of fighting including full contact kicking, punching, take-downs and throws derived from the traditional application of Chinese Martial Arts. Sanda combines with punches of boxing, specialized kicks of kung-fu, throws of wrestling, also in some competitions, even elbow and knee strikes. 

As an unarmed self-defense & close combat system, Sanda includes Da ( Punches ), Ti ( Kicks ), Shuai ( Grappling ), and Na ( throws, locks & chokes ). Sanda as a sport has a very great emphasis on throws. One of its most distinguished techniques are Jie Tui Shuai ( kick catches ).

Even though Sanda is a combat sport, but we still can use Sanda training as a great fun way to develop our awareness, consciousness & presence to keep us fit, healthy and happy, or as a practical self-defense use ( absolutely ONLY last resort to use it for self-defense ).

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